What is muscle strength?

You want to grow? Become stronger and train more explosively? That is possible if you build a lot of strength in your muscles. If the muscle or muscle group is regularly trained, it will adapt to the '' load '' and the muscle will become thicker and stronger. Read all about how to achieve this.

How do you build up strength?

Muscle mass is not equal to muscle strength. You can not estimate how strong a person is by looking at the body alone. The looks do not say anything about muscle strength. But how do you build this power?

It is important to fully execute exercises in the gym, not half bench presses or squats and train hard.

Enough intake of proteins, fats: such as salmon, nuts, herring and meat are important for building muscle strength. The SUPP24 Protein shots are also easy to handle. With only 1 sip you already get a good portion of protein.

Sleep also has an influence on your diet, but also on your training. It becomes more difficult for the body to recover, to grow and to build muscle strength due to insufficient sleep.

Can you measure muscle strength?

Of all those exercises and healthy eating you can sometimes get bored. Seeing results is definitely motivating. That’s why it is important to measure once. There is nothing better than the confirmation that what you do is good. And if not, you can intercept problems on time. By measuring muscle strength of the different muscle groups it becomes clear how these levels are. (Average, good or excellent)

For example: Monthly keep your notes with the number of reps and / or KGs with the exercises you do. Or do a number of exercises such as planking, wall chats, push ups or the abdominal muscles to measure your progress. Write down the number of seconds or repetitions and measure it again at another time. Will it be more or longer? Then you have grown in muscle strength.

What resources can I use to promote muscle strength?

Start with proper nutrition, sleep, training and rest. This is your base. Sometimes you can use some extra support. Such as the use of supplements to support the process.

One of the most commonly used supplements in the world is creatine. When using the  SUPP24 Creatine, you can train longer and heavier and improve sport performance. If your body has more creatine, you will be able to perform an explosive exercise more easily and more often. Such as a heavy squat or sudden sprinting etc.

In addition, you can use a SUPP24 Preworkout men for less energetic days, which provides extra energy before and during the workout. This supplement also contains substances such as Arginine and Citrulline Malate so you can train longer / heavier and have a higher stamina.

Why SUPP24?

  • A ready-made supplement, so easy to use.
  • Contains Vitamins (B6,B12)
  • Approved by the NZVT and Informed Sports.