What is muscle recovery?

Muscle recovery? What are you talking about?! Almost recovered from my muscle pains or the next workout is already coming. Do you ever stop muscle pain? Read all about how you can quickly recover in a responsible way.

You know the drill. After an intense workout there i a chance that muscle groups suddenly feel painful, in other words: muscle pain. Your body will also start immediately with the muscle recovery

Muscle recovery =

  • Healing the muscles
  • Return to a better, stronger state.

When you’ve trained, it is important to restore the muscles afterwards.

What is muscle pain?

Small hair cracks develop in your muscles. Compare your muscles with an elastic band: the further you stretch the muscle, the more cracks will arise. If you let the elastic rest, the hairline cracks will disappear again.

You have two different kinds of muscle pain, immediate muscle pain and long-term muscle pain. Acidification in the muscle, that annoying feeling after 3 sets creates immediate muscle pain. The body can not provide enough energy and oxygen at that moment. Then you also have long-lasting muscle pain, if you have damaged your muscles after a workout, muscle pain may develop. Make sure you give the muscles at least 48 to 72 hours of rest. This depends on the training and the recovery capacity.

Training with or without muscle pain?

When training with muscle pain you can often move/train less well than normal. To restore the damage in the muscles, nutrition and keeping rest plays a major role. Your muscles, because of training with muscle pain, have less time to recover again.

If the body can not recover well enough, overtraining can occur. What comes out of this? Muscle destruction! And you do not want that.

What could i use to recover better?

So we start with the right nutrition and enough rest during and after training. This is your base. You can also use supplements to support the process.

When using SUPP24 Proteïn, you ensure the recovery and renewal of tissue, muscles and bones after training. The supplements contain hydrolysed proteins, which means that the proteins are made small. So small that it will be absorbed by the muscles within 15 minutes and will therefore have less muscle pain.

There are also other supplements, such as the SUPP24 BCAA. This fully protects the muscles during training and optimizes muscle growth. Even during training, your muscles want to get energy, BCAA complements the muscles well.

Why SUPP24?

  • A ready-made supplement, easy to use.
  • Contains Vitamins (B6,B12)
  • No smelly shakerbottles anymore
  • Approved by the NZVT & Informed Sports

The perfect muscle recovery, what is important to know?

People who want to recover optimally from their training will therefore have to rest mainly and ensure that the diet is conducive to muscle recovery.

Use these methods:

  • Eat enough protein to rebuild the muscles, as it were. The proteins help to repair the cracks.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Drink enough water to drain waste.
  • Take enough rest during training, this to maintain your energy but more importantly to prevent injuries.
  • Take enough rest after training. 48-72 hours per muscle group. Do not train too soon.
  • Keep moving, for example, go cycling, do stretching exercises or use a foam roller to make the muscles smoother.