What is fatburn?

''Now I'm really going for it, losing weight is my goal'' or ''I'll hold on for two weeks''. Does this sound familiar to you? For many people it is difficult to lose weight. But how do you make sure you keep it full this time?

Fat burn is a process in our body where it is difficult to say: Fat is broken down into free fatty acids. Many people want to lose weight and it is of course important to burn excess fat. The fatty acids that are broken down from fat are transported through the body. Fat can be converted into energy in different tissues to perform bodily functions. When you exercise, for example, the muscles need more energy that can be extracted from fat. The big problem of overweight is that you get too much energy from mainly carbohydrates and fats. When more energy comes in than is consumed, both nutrients will be stored in the body as fat.

When and how do you burn fat?

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight. Do you know if you have a healthy weight? You can calculate this based on your BMI. If your BMI is higher than 30 or lower than 18, we advise you to contact your doctor or a dietitian.

Training hard, eating the right food and working out is therefore important to burn fat. So when you use more energy than you record you will burn fat, you will notice that your size will get smaller and you lose fat in different places.

Do you want to calculate your BMI? Click here.

Can you burn fat in a specific place?

Do you know the feeling? That excess fat is in the way. You won’t get there with abdominal exercises only. In most cases it is thought that if you were to tackle your abdominal zone while exercising, you would actually burn fat in that spot. However, this is not the case. During sports, fat is burned, but where this fat comes from can not be determined. So just to burn fat efficient, do some HIIT training and keep your nutrition on level.

What resources can I use to stimulate fat burn?

So we start with the right food, hard work and drinking a lot of water. This is your base. You can also use supplements to support the process. When using the SUPP24 Preworkout women, you give your body a boost to train harder + the supplement contains effective ingredients such as green tea and carnitine to stimulate fat burning. The supplements are also handy because of the size (60 Ml) + they’re approved by the NZVT and Informed Sports. Which means that even olympic sporters could use them.

Safe and effective weight loss, what do i need to think of?

People who want to lose weight do well to exercise sufficiently. Moving makes it easier to lose weight. The muscle mass is also better preserved, the risk of yo-yos then decreases.

What to think about?

  • Do not eat too few calories. When you eat too few calories the body becomes ” afraid ” to get too little energy, then it will store fat. This is of course not what you want.
  • Do not assume that you will fall off, every body is different and the burning of fat is a complicated process. Listen to your body!
  • Losing weight too quickly is at the expense of your muscle mass and increases the chance of a shortage of vitamins, minerals and other building materials. Take it easy.
    Drink plenty of water, water promotes fat burning. (Minimum 2 L per day)
  • Eat healthy fats, vegetables and proteins. Avoid bad sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Advice: We recommend not losing more than half a kilo up to a maximum of one kilogram per week. Make an appointment with a dietitian or doctor at high overweight.