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'' I am tired, I have no energy to exercise ''. These statements might be well known to you. Energy is in fact, very important to you and your body. You need energy to work, train hard and have stamina. Energy is the ability to make things happen. Read all about energy and condition here.

You want to grow? Become stronger and train more explosively? That is possible if you build a lot of strength in your muscles. If the muscle or muscle group is regularly trained, it will adapt to the '' load '' and the muscle will become thicker and stronger. Read all about how to achieve this.

Muscle recovery? What are you talking about?! Almost recovered from my muscle pains or the next workout is already coming. Do you ever stop muscle pain? Read all about how you can quickly recover in a responsible way.

''Now I'm really going for it, losing weight is my goal'' or ''I'll hold on for two weeks''. Does this sound familiar to you? For many people it is difficult to lose weight. But how do you make sure you keep it full this time?